What Is a Locksmith?

The 1951 Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a locksmith as:

n. An artificer whose occupation is to make or mend locks.

Now all you have to do is look up what an “artificer” is and you’ll know what we do. But in actuality, a locksmith is a person who knows how to go about solving peoples’ problems. We help clients get into their homes when their keys are 3,000 miles away; we open safes when customers have lost the combination; we help workers and moms get back on the road when their car key stops working; we help businesses maintain security of their capital and assets. As I said, locksmiths help people solve problems; and that’s what Moody’s Greenkey Plus does.

Who We Are

Rich Andre is a licensed locksmith having honed his skills over a 25+ year career at Economy Lock and Key in Santa Rosa. His broad scope of skills and expertise include commercial & residential door and lock hardware, high-security safes, and automotive locks. He is not only a likeable guy but a Sonoma County local who grew up in Santa Rosa and still lives here today. He has been invested in serving this community for his entire career. Greenkey+ has its roots in Sebastopol, California. What Mike Moody established as a mobile locksmith and handyman business quickly became a full time mobile locksmith business. With expert craftsmanship, reliability and integrity, Mike faithfully served Sonoma and Mendocino Counties for over 10 years.

In March 2023, Mike handed over the reins to his good friend and fellow locksmith, Rich Andre. Rich is honored to be continuing the proud tradition of Moody’s Greenkey+ and shares the same commitment to excellence, integrity, and dependability. We are committed to meeting the needs of home, car, and business owners as your local locksmith. Give Moody’s Greenkey Plus a call for your next job!

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