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Locksmithing Tips

Automotive Locksmith or Dealer?

What a Hassle…Or is it? In a material sense, in today’s world, there is almost no bigger headache than to lose one’s car keys: you spend hours looking around for them until you finally come to grips with the fact that they are gone. So who do you call? Will you have to get your car towed to a dealer? Are you going to need to spend $750 just so that you can drive home? We here at Moody's Green Key Plus like capitalism, and living in a free country, we believe consumers are free to call whomever they want for their services. However, as a locksmith company, it is our job to try to earn your call and I would like to present you with some ideas as to why calling us, an automotive locksmith company, is a better than calling the dealer. Convenient First, mobile locksmiths come to you

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Do I Need to Get New Locks?

I get a lot of different calls as a mobile locksmith, whether for automotive, commercial or residential issues, and I try to help out with whatever I can. There are a variety of problems that arise in all of these areas of work: Having keys to only one set of locks in your business Losing a set of keys to an ex boyfriend Using one key to open your car door and another to start it If your key that used to work your doorknob or deadbolt is working less and less well If your car key won’t even fit in your car door lock any more, etc. As car, home and business owners, knowing your options to fixing your lock and key problems is a helpful way to know how to save you money and one common solution that could save you some cash is called a rekey. Rekeying is

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Programming Car Keys with a Key Clone is Bad News

I learned an interesting lesson yesterday: the DIY steps to programming Ford keys will not work if one of your two necessary keys is a clone of your other key. Here's how I learned it: One of our locksmiths received a call the other day from Elk, California, a tiny little town in the boondocks of Mendocino County. A client had recently purchaced a vehicle that came with a parent key which caps the vehicle's speed and stereo's volume. Being a grown-up human being, our customer wanted a different key to his car. He explained he was running into an issue. What our caller did at first was use a cloner from a hardware store to get a second key to his vehicle. He then attempted to follow a series of DIY steps to program another key for his Ford, but not only did it not work, he some how accidentally erased the

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Electronic Or Mechanical Deadbolts?

I often do my locksmithing in Willits. The other night I got a typical call from a worried mother because a crazed, ex-boyfriend keeps breaking into her daughter’s house. These types of security issues are scary, but there are a number of ways to solve them, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective is to install a deadbolt. Our client’s daughter’s boyfriend (this is starting to sound like a soap opera) was getting into the house with a simple trick where he was able to open the door latch even when the knob was locked from the inside. However, you can’t use that trick with deadbolts. These locking systems sit inside the door frame without a graduated latch and will stay there until retracted with a key or picked. So, our client scheduled an appointment and this locksmith headed to Willits to install a deadbolt. Now there are different kinds

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When Your Key Stops Working

I received a call from Willits the other day from a woman who encountered kind of a surprising problem. Her car battery had died and so the FOB on her Subaru key was not unlocking the vehicle. Then she tried her old fashioned key in the door lock but even that didn’t work. Now that is what I call a frustrating problem. When your keys don’t work any more there could be a number of different issues going on, some of which you’d likely want to call an automotive or residential locksmith for, but before you do that there are some things you can try yourself which might save you some time and money. Now as a heads up, the following is a basic description of how locks work to help you understand how my solution gets your key to work again. If you’re curious, just keep reading, otherwise, skip over

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