Do I Need to Get New Locks?

I get a lot of different calls as a mobile locksmith, whether for automotive, commercial or residential issues, and I try to help out with whatever I can. There are a variety of problems that arise in all of these areas of work: Having keys to only one set of locks in your business Losing

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Programming Car Keys with a Key Clone is Bad News

I learned an interesting lesson yesterday: the DIY steps to programming Ford keys will not work if one of your two necessary keys is a clone of your other key. Here's how I learned it: One of our locksmiths received a call the other day from Elk, California, a tiny little town in the boondocks

Electronic Or Mechanical Deadbolts?

I often do my locksmithing in Willits. The other night I got a typical call from a worried mother because a crazed, ex-boyfriend keeps breaking into her daughter’s house. These types of security issues are scary, but there are a number of ways to solve them, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective is

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